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Sunday, December 26, 2010

How To Diagnosis A Car

Eliminated in car this or that problem, in general, not difficult. And usually, relatively short-lived. This assertion, however, is valid only if three conditions are met: we know how, what and what to do. If the first two, as a rule, the problems will never occur, then the third is often a real stumbling block. First of all, it concerns the problems associated with the engine and various electronic systems, wherewith modern Cars stuffed, so to speak, on the roof. Thus, the correct identification of the causes of failures and malfunctions today came to the fore, which gives us the right to speak even of a new specialty in service station – diagnosis.

As mentioned options such as cine for the most part do not pass, in order to correctly and accurately identify the causes of trouble, need things much more complicated than your own sense of smell and hearing. The sharp increase in the number of CarEquipped with electronic fuel injection systems, has led to a noticeable increase in demand for services related to the technical condition diagnostics and repair of such Car.

In the first place especially careful diagnosis require Engine Management (OVC). Technical condition of the engine management system Car among the most important factors affecting the traction and speed indicators Car as a whole. Practical solution diagnosing the technical condition and repair COURT impossible without using special equipment, most of which are the measuring instruments. Can themselves on level ground to create all sorts of puzzles, then strained "pucker mind" in the search for answers and long torment of trying to solve the problem, what is a scan tool should be preferred. And you can go for simpler and more natural way. Just understand what equipment to diagnose engine and its systems exist today and what you can use them to learn. And also realize that to fully diagnose the engine needs a certain set of equipment. And realizing this, that make it a configuration that best fits one or another specific needs.

for "iron horse"

People get used to the computer very quickly and want him to accompany them everywhere. Today, if desired, can be computerized almost anywhere, even your own car.

Computer at home - the standard of modern life, the presence of a notebook or netbook for the average user - is not uncommon, but the phenomenon is called CarPC (computer in the car), because of its novelty, yet is exotic. Computerize your car and you can own, what will be discussed. In contrast to the on-board computers, embedded in expensive cars, homemade CarPC will cost an amount not exceeding the cost of top-end car audio Pioneer or Clarion.

Here are functions that can perform a computer in the car:

1 Plays all formats of audio and video,

2 satellite GPS-based navigation and location of the vehicle,

3 mobile internet

4 Diagnostics and tuning the engine without recourse to the automotive service

5 CCTV on the perimeter of the car.

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