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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get Higher Gas Mileage by Maintaining Your Car

Now every 3,000-Miles or Three Months which ever comes first take your car in to get it serviced: Go ahead and change your engine oil and have them do a complete check of all of your fluids plus your tire pressure to make sure that the other fluids are good and that the tire pressure is set prefect also just in case you have a nail or a problem then they will find it out at the mechanic shop, or if you work on your car yourself to make sure to do a complete check list on it.

Now oil and transmission Fluid are one of the main things for the car and the most expensive parts to be changed. So it is a good idea to make sure you keep your car maintained so that you will not have any problems in the future and to prevent expensive repairs when your car reaches a higher mileage.

Every Six Months: I would defiantly check my windshield wipers, since it is rubber the sun and smog will ware the rubber and it will not work properly. Or if you decide not to change it during the summer time defiantly change it when winter comes around because it will rain a lot and you don’t want to get stuck somewhere also you want to be safe and not get in an accident for something that will not cost you a lot. I do recommend that you change the wiper with the original ones from the dealer because they work the best, they last the longest, and they won’t make any noise or fall apart after so many months. The reason I say not to get aftermarket is because they will change the original wiper and put aftermarket on and then you will use it and later find out that it is not working that good.

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Now overall there are 3 factory services that should be done at certain mileage.

First one is a Minor Service done every 7,500 miles: This service is basically an oil change, rotate tires, ck all fluids, and ck the tire pressure. Usually the dealers or certain mechanic shops will also steam clean the engine so that it stays clean.

Second is an Intermediate Service done every 15,000 miles: this service has everything that the Minor Service has plus on certain models you would change the transmission fluid + Valve Cover Gaskets.

Third is a Major Service done every 30,000 miles. This has everything that the Intermediate Service has plus depending on the make and model of your car things will be different. But in general you would change the Distributor Cap & Rotor + Spark Plugs + Air Filter + Fuel Filter + Coolant Flush + Brake Fluid Flush.

Now basically this is a good overall procedure of what you would have to do to keep your car in tip top shape so that it runs at its best performance and you get the best gas mileage on the car. But the main thing is that the car will be reliable and won’t leave you stranded in the middle of no where.
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