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Monday, November 3, 2008

Auto Performance Tuning, Give More Power To Your Car

car auto tuningEvery major and minor working part of your car can be fined-tuned to increase speed, smoothness, and drivability. Let's explore the key areas of performance tuning and see how each can contribute to better driving.

Fine Engine Tuning

There are several key areas of tuning that can help give your car or truck an engine boost. One is to install a performance chip. A performance chip can be fitted in engines with fuel injection and an ECU, or Electronic Control Unit.

With a performance chip, non-turbo engines often result in about a 10 percent power boost while turbo engines often see an increase of 25 to 30 horsepower!

Engines also see a power boost with a performance cam, which can be fitted by an experienced mechanic or a really knowledgeable homemechanic. Cams of about 270 degrees can boost the engine up to an extra 12 horsepower.

A power boost valve can also be installed to replace the fuel pressure regulator, which is located in the return fuel line.

Brake Performance Tuning

Be sure to enhance your braking power before increasing power in your automobile. Brakes are very important for your performance and safety although they are not considered performance-enhancing features.

A simple way to improve braking is to install performance pads and fix performance discs. Performance brake pads enhance braking power and can withstand much higher temperatures than regular brake pads.
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Air Filters and Tuning

Probably one of the easiest tune-up tasks is to replace the air filters or the air filter element in a performance air filter. If you have a fuel-injected car, you can also enhance airflow by removing the original airbox, which contains the air filter and hoses and then replacing it with an induction kit.

The kit is a cone filter that can be attached directly to the air flow meter, thus, creating a more directed, uninterrupted airflow to the engine. More air means better engine performance.

Exhaust Enhancement

With exhausts, you're not focusing on what's going into the engine, but what's coming out. There are performance exhausts that minimize pressure restrictions for fumes that are on their way out.

Hint: Replace the factory-made exhaust manifold with an aftermarket brand that is tuned to boost power.

A Better Ride with Enhanced Suspension

Suspension is another key car tuning area that often goes unnoticed. Lowering springs can be fitted to get a better look and feel for the car. Handling is improved because the springs reduce roll when taking corners. Also, the tires will have improved contact with the road.

These springs might feel like standard springs when driving over small bumps in the road; however, when cornering hard they stiffen and reduce roll. This gives comfort and improved handling. Shock absorbers and up-rated bushes also enhance suspension.

car auto tuningAbundant Tuning Supplies
If you have trouble finding the performance tuning products you need, use the Internet to locate thousands of tuning products at great prices. You can find auto parts and supplies for car tuning, truck tuning, SUV tuning, and more.

Also, browse through top brand name products known for their durability and performance-enhancing qualities. There are Sniper tuning products, Diablo tuning products, and many others.
Give special attention to these key areas during your next performancetuning to enjoy maximum results.