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Monday, March 24, 2008

Turbo Charge Your Bmw

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Obtaining the most out of your engine has been the goal for many people over the years. There are several types of engines: normal aspirated engines and engines that make use of turbo and compressors to obtain more power from the same cylindrical capacity.

Modern car engines are more efficient and powerful than the engines produced twenty years ago, but there is still place for improvement. For example, if you have a normal aspirated car, you can add a turbo-compressor to increase the amount of horse power the engine develops. But before you rush out to the first car parts and buy a turbo charger for your car, there are things to consider.

The most important thing you must take into consideration when thinking of adding a turbo to your car is to think is the engine’s parts will be able to sustain the extra power from the turbo.

Adding a turbo requires quite a few engine modifications, and the outcome will be more power from your initial power, but will also bring higher temperatures inside the engine and the very high revs the turbine will function.

The German BMW’s are already known for their superior handling, reliability and power, but you squeeze a few more horsepower from your BMW engine by adding a turbo charger.

Compared to other methods of obtaining more power from your engine, superchargers offer less costly and an easier to install kit (these kits make 6-8 lbs of boost and the average home mechanic can safely install a quality application in 6 hours). Superchargers will typically make an impressive horse power increase, but many suppliers do not make a tremendous amount of low RPM torque, so if you only drive your car to work across the city, a turbo will not bring you significant advantages.

There are many components that a turbo charging set contains, as it is made up of thing like the intercooler, the bypass valve, the blow off valve, a waste gate, exhaust manifold, larger injectors and many more.

The typical home mechanic will probably be unable to complete this installation and that is why you should address a large car repair or tuning shop to complete the operation. Even for an experienced mechanic, mounting a turbo kit will take several days of work.

However, due to the significant increase in power a turbo kit brings your car, the wait is worth it. But when considering turboing your BMW, you should also consider improving your car’s brakes, as a 500 horse power BMW will require a lot of braking force to bring it to a stop from the astonishing speeds it can achieve. So the braking system should also be improves when mounting the kit (elements such as larger diameter rotors, multi piston calipers, sport brake pads, stainless steel brake lines and performance brake fluid should be on your shopping list).

You should also pay special attention to the BMW’s drive train when thinking of turboing your BMW. The initial car was developed to handle only a certain amount of power and any increase in this amount of power can affect your car’s stability and ability in taking corners if you not strengthen up essential parts in the BMW’s drive train (such as the clutch).

Also the car’s cooling system should be upgraded as well when turboing your BMW, as power generates heat and the initial radiator had been developed to eliminate just a certain amount of engine heat.

So you may think that adding a turbo kit to your BMW is an easy operations, but the truth is that if you want to have a professional operation done, there are other elements beside the engine itself that have to be modified.
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Customize Your Honda With Honda Fenders

Both exterior and interior components of your Honda vehicle are important for its overall performance and appearance. Each part complements the other. For example, the Honda fender perfectly complements the wheels and tires of your Honda vehicle. Cars today all come complete with fenders, which can be found at the side portion near the front doors and behind the rear doors. Made from stainless steel, Honda fenders run through the bumper to the back of the front wheel. At the vehicle’s rear, the fender extends the rear bumper up to the trunk lid.

A fender may be mere piece of metal, but your Honda car appears incomplete without it. Of course, the Honda fender have functions for your vehicle, both protective and aesthetic. Fenders protect the wheel openings from the possible formation of rust and sludge caused by accumulated mud, road debris, and frequent bumps.

Cars also benefit aesthetically from Honda fenders. These auto parts offer a bigger opening in case you want to install bigger tires and wheels in your vehicle. The ample space fenders offer is a great feature in any car since it gives you much leeway in customizing your vehicle. Various specifications are considered when fitting a fender. Sometimes existing fenders are modified like bending or cutting them so that new wheels and tires can fit perfectly. Moreover, Honda fenders can be screwed in the car to bring out a sportier look for your vehicle.

Our site features an extensive selection of car accessories that can enhance the appeal your precious Honda vehicle. With customization as a trend, the accessories you can use for further enhancements are fender flares, side skirts, spoilers, bumpers, grille, bumper cover, lights and a lot more. Take a look at our user-friendly site to get the perfect Honda fender and accessories for your car.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tips for Servicing a Subaru Affordably

subaru tuning

In addition to being attractive, reliable and safe, Subarus are some of the most environmentally clean and fuel-efficient cars on the market. They perform well in crash-tests, are known for their endurance and they handle well on the road.

Occasionally, even these popular cars need a little servicing though. To take care of the Subaru you use every day, you will need both knowledgeable technicians and reliable parts. Even if you aren't car-fixing savvy, you can save yourself a little bit of money by shopping for replacement parts on your own.

Subaru parts can be found quickly at many reliable companies online and many of those companies sell the parts you need at prices far below the factory list prices. Even if you need a mechanic to identify the problem, they can help you shop for parts on your own by simply telling you the replacement part you need along with its item number. Then all you need to do is enter the part number along with your car model and the year it was made in a search for an affordable, authentic Subaru part.
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When you shop around for the most affordable Subaru parts, try to find a company that has a wide selection of parts for you to choose from. There is nothing more frustrating than investing some of your precious time looking for a good deal and getting your hopes up when you find the price you need listed for a good price just to learn that it isn't really available. Choosing a company with a well-established history of good customer service can save you some headaches too. Companies that handle a lot of orders can meet your need with speed and efficiency that has come with years of practice.

Some discount parts suppliers may be able to service your vehicle as well. If you are lucky enough to live close to a company like this, you can save a lot of time because they won't need to wait a couple days for a part to come that they already have in stock. Consequently, you get a good deal on the part and the convenience of speedy service.

Whether you drive a larger Subaru Forester with your family, the mid-sized Subaru Legacy for its space, or the showy, turbo-powered Impreza to make driving fun, you can cut the cost of reliable Subaru parts by buying them yourself through discount companies.
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