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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How To Get More Bass In Your Car

car tuningIn just seven steps this article will guide you on How to Install a Sub woofer in a Factory Stereo. Very often people who are passionate about adding new additional features to their car stereo like sub woofers take the help of audio professionals to do the job. But this job is not at all complicated and can be done without any experience by following simple steps. In this article we shall also discuss the importance of installation of sub woofers, tips and warning for doing this job.

Depth and powerful sound are important for good quality of music. Speakers can be installed at various places inside the car like door panels, dash and rear decks. They enhance the sound effect for higher notes. But to enjoy lower tones adding a sub woofer to a factory stereo is the best choice. Let us see how to do that now.

First we look into list of things needed to complete this work. They are trim panel removal tool, speaker wires and Philips head screw driver. First we should remove the connection of ground cable with the battery of the car. Usually the negative lead of car battery connects the car frame. To do this we shall take the help of Philip head screw driver which loosens the clamp of the cable connected to the negative lead of the battery.

Second step is to find out the amplifier. If it is not an after marker amp and if it is factory installed one vehicle manual can help us locate the amplifier of the vehicle. Next step is to decide where the woofer should be placed. The choices available are car trunk or hatch back or cargo area of SUV on the rear side.

Fourth step is very important. The speaker wires should be connected with the positive and negative terminals of the amps correctly. The next step needs some attention. The wires of the speaker should be routed to the place where sub woofers are present. Suppose if the location of sub woofers is not near the amplifier then wires can be taken under the carpet of the vehicle. Use trim panel removal tool for prying of panels at the openings of the door. The trim panels can be replaced by hand itself after laying the wires under the carpet.

The other end of the speaker wires are then connected with the input sockets of the sub woofer correctly. Ensure that always positive is connected to positive input and negative with negative input of woofer

After that is done we come to the last step. This seventh step is nothing but reconnecting the ground cable with the vehicle battery's negative terminal. Fix the clamp on the lead and use the same Philip screw driver which we used for loosening now to tighten the clamp of the cable. Before starting to do this job always make sure if the output from the amplifier can be handled by the sub woofer added.

This article would have provided a complete answer on How to Install a Sub woofer in a Factory Stereo with step by step instructions without the help of professionals to do the job.