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Monday, November 3, 2008

Auto Performance Tuning, Give More Power To Your Car

car auto tuningEvery major and minor working part of your car can be fined-tuned to increase speed, smoothness, and drivability. Let's explore the key areas of performance tuning and see how each can contribute to better driving.

Fine Engine Tuning

There are several key areas of tuning that can help give your car or truck an engine boost. One is to install a performance chip. A performance chip can be fitted in engines with fuel injection and an ECU, or Electronic Control Unit.

With a performance chip, non-turbo engines often result in about a 10 percent power boost while turbo engines often see an increase of 25 to 30 horsepower!

Engines also see a power boost with a performance cam, which can be fitted by an experienced mechanic or a really knowledgeable homemechanic. Cams of about 270 degrees can boost the engine up to an extra 12 horsepower.

A power boost valve can also be installed to replace the fuel pressure regulator, which is located in the return fuel line.

Brake Performance Tuning

Be sure to enhance your braking power before increasing power in your automobile. Brakes are very important for your performance and safety although they are not considered performance-enhancing features.

A simple way to improve braking is to install performance pads and fix performance discs. Performance brake pads enhance braking power and can withstand much higher temperatures than regular brake pads.
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Air Filters and Tuning

Probably one of the easiest tune-up tasks is to replace the air filters or the air filter element in a performance air filter. If you have a fuel-injected car, you can also enhance airflow by removing the original airbox, which contains the air filter and hoses and then replacing it with an induction kit.

The kit is a cone filter that can be attached directly to the air flow meter, thus, creating a more directed, uninterrupted airflow to the engine. More air means better engine performance.

Exhaust Enhancement

With exhausts, you're not focusing on what's going into the engine, but what's coming out. There are performance exhausts that minimize pressure restrictions for fumes that are on their way out.

Hint: Replace the factory-made exhaust manifold with an aftermarket brand that is tuned to boost power.

A Better Ride with Enhanced Suspension

Suspension is another key car tuning area that often goes unnoticed. Lowering springs can be fitted to get a better look and feel for the car. Handling is improved because the springs reduce roll when taking corners. Also, the tires will have improved contact with the road.

These springs might feel like standard springs when driving over small bumps in the road; however, when cornering hard they stiffen and reduce roll. This gives comfort and improved handling. Shock absorbers and up-rated bushes also enhance suspension.

car auto tuningAbundant Tuning Supplies
If you have trouble finding the performance tuning products you need, use the Internet to locate thousands of tuning products at great prices. You can find auto parts and supplies for car tuning, truck tuning, SUV tuning, and more.

Also, browse through top brand name products known for their durability and performance-enhancing qualities. There are Sniper tuning products, Diablo tuning products, and many others.
Give special attention to these key areas during your next performancetuning to enjoy maximum results.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Maximizing Your Engine, Performance Tuning

performance tuningStuffing more horses into your engine used to take countless hours, cost a ridiculous wad of cash in parts, and usually resulted in the busting of several knuckles.

Thankfully, with today's computer-controlled vehicles tuning is about as easy as playing Pong.

If you've seen the TV shows geared at getting every droplet of power out of a classic vehicle, you know they spend the entire show with a load of time-lapsed video of them tearing the engine apart to put in extremely technical and wildly expensive parts.

When it's all done, they crank up the dyno and get giddy over the 3 horsepower gain realized after roughly 4 hours of work.

That's not exactly how most would want to spend their weekend, and all for a measly 3hp.

Of course, there's quite a bit to be said for those computer-free classics that you can have full control over. However, when it comes to getting more power in no time and without having to tear up your hands or throwing piles of cash on hard-to-find parts, a computer-controlled vehicle has a distinct advantage.

The good news is, you're probably driving a computer-controlled vehicle, like most sold over the last quarter century. This makes tuning much easier, because a set of programs determines how your engine performs.

Simply replace your engine's stock programming with some that's geared toward performance and you'll discover power gains almost instantly.

Just how can you get these power gains in minutes? The answer is easy, with a power programmer or performance chip, like those made by Hypertech or DiabloSport.

These power programmers are designed to hold performance programs created and tested by the pros. It's so straightforward a caveman could do it.

Just plug it into the OBD-II port beneath your steering column, enter a few simple yes or no commands to adjust how you want the engine to perform, upload the new programming, and you're ready to rock with 25 or more horsepower. For most folks, this will take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete.

There are a few drivers out there who want the extra power, but are apprehensive of using this sort of tuning method.engine tuningTheir concern is that how can so much power be gain so fast, when the guys on tube spend hours and only add a few horsepower. But the skeptics can rest easy. Modern automakers simply down-tune their cars for the general population.

Engines are setup to work the same for performance enthusiasts as they do for octogenarians who believe going over 40 mph is breakneck speed. You don't fall into the later, nor are you a soccer mom unconcerned about performance, you demand it.

Performance programmers aren't average settings and that makes them a perfect match for you.

And, you don't have to worry about warranties. The companies that make programmers take safety into account with their settings and further they often give you ways to return to stock settings for service visits at the dealership.

What's more, as with all performance mods, you'll be protected by federal law. It basically states that your vehicle's warranty cannot be voided by performance parts unless they can be proven as the source of the breakdown.

So, there's no good reason to wait if you're look to easily tap into the true potential sitting under your hood.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Prepare Your Car for Winter: Four Things to Do Now


car tuningIf you have never lived in a cold climate, you probably haven't had to deal with driving and handling a car in snowy conditions. There is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before you can drive safely through the winter. Just as you change your wardrobe for winter, your car needs a winter wardrobe. Use the following steps to help ensure your car operates safely during the winter.

Preparing your car for winter breaks down into two categories: regular car maintenance and specialty items to deal with inclement weather. Regular car maintenance includes things that you do to your car year round. You need to make sure that these maintenance tasks get done before the weather starts to change so you can make sure that your car is running at its optimum level.

Before the winter starts, you should get your car's routine maintenance up to date. Getting your oil changed and your brakes fixed are essential in preparing your car for winter. Roads can be dangerous after the first snowfall. If you opt to go for snow tires, you should get them installed several weeks before winter hits. Snow tires aren't always necessary but they are a good idea if you are going to be driving in a place that experiences a lot of snowfall. Even if you don't need snow tires, check to make sure that your tires are in good enough shape to handle the wintry insuranceTest out your windshield wipers before the first rain or snowfall. Be sure the wipers don't just smear water across your windshield. Windshield wipers that work improperly can severely reduce your visibility and put you at risk for getting into an accident. Replace your windshield wipers and take a look at the special winter windshield wipers that are available on the market today. If you live in an area where you frequently experience snowfall, this may be a good option. While you're at it, make sure that your windshield wiper fluid container is filled, and put an extra gallon on fluid in your trunk.

The next part of car preparation is gathering together the supplies that you'll need to get your car running when the weather is bad. These supplies should be kept in two spaces: your garage and in your car. For your garage, you'll need a shovel, a small broom and some de-icing spray. These are necessary in order to free your car from any heavy snowfall that occurred the night before. You may also find an ice scraper handy.

For your car, you should carry an additional ice scraper and some de-icing spray to use if you have to park outside during work hours. These items should be kept with a winter emergency kit that is stored in the trunk of your car. In addition to the scraper and spray, you should store a blanket, some dry snacks, first-aid supplies and bottled water. If you're ever stuck in a snowstorm, these items will help you quote tuningWhile driving during the wintertime certainly isn't something that you should worry about, you should take the steps necessary to prepare your car for the coming months. Get your car tuned up and stocked with emergency supplies and you'll be ready to take what ever the winter weather throws your way.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Giving Your Car a Thorough Auto Tuning ( GOOD TIPS )

nissan skyline tuningAuto tuning is really important if you want to keep your car in its tip-top shape. This will also improve your car's handling as well as raise your car's value.

If you own a car, you probably know the importance of auto tuning. There are people who do auto tuning as a hobby and there are people who actually do this for a living. When you subject your car to an auto tuning, you basically give someone the right to modify it, usually to improve its performance or its handling.

Some people also have their cars tuned to fit their style. This is not as hard as you would think and all it takes is a little knowledge and skill.tuningUnderstanding Auto Tuning
Cars are pretty much generic. Yes, they can be worth millions of dollars but they are pretty much generic. They are not made specifically to suit your style or your needs. This is why there are people who have their cars tuned.

There are really many ways of tuning a car. You can have it sprayed with a different color. Does your car have a boring blue paintjob? Would you like to have it painted black with lightning streaks of red on the sides? You can place accessories that maybe unnecessary but could make your car look good. You could add in spoilers, side skirts, air vents, double exhausts and bumpers. You can spray symbols or other designs as well.

One of the many popular tune-ups that cars usually have is the engine tune up.

Aside from tuning up the engine, you can also do other things related to your engine's performance. You can adjust your fuel economy or you can modify your car's RPM. All these things are done not only to improve the aesthetic value of your car, but also to allow easier handling and better comfort.
These days, auto tuning is not something that is taken lightly. In fact, there are events that you can join. People actually hold events for car owners to meet and compete. The judges will usually pick out the car with the best tuning. You can even win prizes for having the best auto tuning.
tune your car
The Auto Tuning Your Car Needs

It is advisable that your car should get a tune up every 30,000 miles. This is a good way to prevent permanent damage to your car. A thorough auto tuning includes replacement of fuel filter. Sparkplugs and sparkplug wires, distributor cap and rotor, valves, belts, air filter and positive crankcase ventilation. You may want to check your fluid levels as well. If your transmission or brake needs some fluids, provide it with some. Give your battery a thorough cleaning as well. While you are at it, check your brakes, lights, wiper blades and other car gauges.

Auto tuning is important. This prevents damage to your car. This allows easy handling as well. With regular auto tuning, you will ensure that you will always have a clean and trustworthy ride.

Eco-tuning: Saving More Gas Without Sacrificing Performance

With the rising costs of fuel in the global market, it is no wonder that more and more car owners are resorting to various methods to save gas. In order to lessen their dependence on fuel, most consumers are opting to use hybrid vehicles that offer great mileage while consuming relatively little amounts of gas. Others are using non-conventional gas saving tips such as using public transport or using a bicycle to avoid spending money on fuel. One such method on how to save gas is eco-tuning. But what exactly is eco-tuning and how would it help a car owner in saving energy?
gas tuning car
Basically, eco-tuning is one of the many gas saving tips a consumer can avail of. To put it simply, it is done to improve the power of the engine for conservation purposes rather than using it to travel faster on the road. The vehicle will be tuned specifically to meet optimal performance standards and save gas at the same time. This means the vital parts of the vehicle will be modified to reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing the vehicle’s standard performance. Some of the advantages a consumer can benefit from eco-tuning are 15% increase in engine output, a fuel consumption decrease of 2.5 to 6 liters for each 100 kilometers and a more reliable performance from your vehicle. Eco-tuning is very useful for car owners who travel long distances regularly as it will help them save gas more. Plus, using an eco-tuned vehicle will give the car owner the benefit of not changing gears too often. This will result in more gas being saved every time a car owner is travelling for long distances.

There are a lot of auto shops out there that specialize in eco-tuning vehicles. These various shops can help any car owner achieve their desired tuning for their respective cars. In addition, these shops can provide car owners with gas saving tips to maximize the use of their eco-tuned car. In this way, the car owner can drive their car ideally without worrying about the rising cost of fuel. Plus, their fuel consumption is bound to decrease by 20% with the help of eco-tuning. This will result in a better performance from the vehicle and a lessened dependence on fuel. Just make sure the vehicle is suitable for eco-tuning to avoid any complications.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to Increase Your Sports Cars Fuel Efficiency

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One of the blights of owning a flashy sports car is the large amount of gasoline they consume. Unlike the larger, bulky vehicles that consume a lot of gas due to their size, sports cars usually burn a lot of gas due to fast accelerations and all around fast driving. With the price of gas going up all over the country, the fun of owning a sports car is quickly diminished when it comes time to visit the pump. In order to reduce a bit of the hurt that these sports cars and do to your wallet, keep these fuel tips in mind.

The first thing that you can do in order to save money at the pump is to simply cut down on your driving. You can try car pooling or taking public transportation when available. This way you can save driving your sports car to when you really enjoy it, not for boring commutes. For when you are driving the car, remember to keep it as light as possible. The fewer heavy objects and people that are in your car when you are driving, the less expensive your fuel bills will be.

One of the more prominent reasons why sports cars guzzle so much fuel is due to their fast acceleration. It is a lot of fun to be able to go from 0 to 60 in just a few seconds, but think about what it is doing to your cars gas mileage. Keep your foot lightly on the gas pedal while accelerating; there is no need to get off to a lighting fast start all of the time. Another thing that guzzles gas is driving too fast. Driving fast is what makes sports cars fun, but the gas bills that result from it are anything but. In order to get the best fuel efficiency, drive in fifth gear at 40 to 55 miles per hour when possible.

The next thing that you can do in order to increase your sports cars fuel efficiency is to keep your tires inflated. If you are unsure as to how much air pressure you should have in your tires, consult your vehicles doorjamb, or owners manual. The number on the tires themselves may be inaccurate for your particular vehicle.
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During the summertime, a debate that often occurs concerns the best way to save on gas, to either open the windows or use the air conditioning. While there is no simple answer, it all depends on a few factors. When driving at faster speeds, it is usually better to have the windows closed in order to prevent drag. When you first enter your vehicle, if it is very hot, it is better to drive around at relatively slow speeds with the windows down. This way you can get rid of the hot air quickly without overworking your air conditioning. If you own a convertible sports car, you will burn less fuel if you keep your top up.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Turbo Charge Your Bmw

turbo bmw tuning
Obtaining the most out of your engine has been the goal for many people over the years. There are several types of engines: normal aspirated engines and engines that make use of turbo and compressors to obtain more power from the same cylindrical capacity.

Modern car engines are more efficient and powerful than the engines produced twenty years ago, but there is still place for improvement. For example, if you have a normal aspirated car, you can add a turbo-compressor to increase the amount of horse power the engine develops. But before you rush out to the first car parts and buy a turbo charger for your car, there are things to consider.

The most important thing you must take into consideration when thinking of adding a turbo to your car is to think is the engine’s parts will be able to sustain the extra power from the turbo.

Adding a turbo requires quite a few engine modifications, and the outcome will be more power from your initial power, but will also bring higher temperatures inside the engine and the very high revs the turbine will function.

The German BMW’s are already known for their superior handling, reliability and power, but you squeeze a few more horsepower from your BMW engine by adding a turbo charger.

Compared to other methods of obtaining more power from your engine, superchargers offer less costly and an easier to install kit (these kits make 6-8 lbs of boost and the average home mechanic can safely install a quality application in 6 hours). Superchargers will typically make an impressive horse power increase, but many suppliers do not make a tremendous amount of low RPM torque, so if you only drive your car to work across the city, a turbo will not bring you significant advantages.

There are many components that a turbo charging set contains, as it is made up of thing like the intercooler, the bypass valve, the blow off valve, a waste gate, exhaust manifold, larger injectors and many more.

The typical home mechanic will probably be unable to complete this installation and that is why you should address a large car repair or tuning shop to complete the operation. Even for an experienced mechanic, mounting a turbo kit will take several days of work.

However, due to the significant increase in power a turbo kit brings your car, the wait is worth it. But when considering turboing your BMW, you should also consider improving your car’s brakes, as a 500 horse power BMW will require a lot of braking force to bring it to a stop from the astonishing speeds it can achieve. So the braking system should also be improves when mounting the kit (elements such as larger diameter rotors, multi piston calipers, sport brake pads, stainless steel brake lines and performance brake fluid should be on your shopping list).

You should also pay special attention to the BMW’s drive train when thinking of turboing your BMW. The initial car was developed to handle only a certain amount of power and any increase in this amount of power can affect your car’s stability and ability in taking corners if you not strengthen up essential parts in the BMW’s drive train (such as the clutch).

Also the car’s cooling system should be upgraded as well when turboing your BMW, as power generates heat and the initial radiator had been developed to eliminate just a certain amount of engine heat.

So you may think that adding a turbo kit to your BMW is an easy operations, but the truth is that if you want to have a professional operation done, there are other elements beside the engine itself that have to be modified.
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Customize Your Honda With Honda Fenders

Both exterior and interior components of your Honda vehicle are important for its overall performance and appearance. Each part complements the other. For example, the Honda fender perfectly complements the wheels and tires of your Honda vehicle. Cars today all come complete with fenders, which can be found at the side portion near the front doors and behind the rear doors. Made from stainless steel, Honda fenders run through the bumper to the back of the front wheel. At the vehicle’s rear, the fender extends the rear bumper up to the trunk lid.

A fender may be mere piece of metal, but your Honda car appears incomplete without it. Of course, the Honda fender have functions for your vehicle, both protective and aesthetic. Fenders protect the wheel openings from the possible formation of rust and sludge caused by accumulated mud, road debris, and frequent bumps.

Cars also benefit aesthetically from Honda fenders. These auto parts offer a bigger opening in case you want to install bigger tires and wheels in your vehicle. The ample space fenders offer is a great feature in any car since it gives you much leeway in customizing your vehicle. Various specifications are considered when fitting a fender. Sometimes existing fenders are modified like bending or cutting them so that new wheels and tires can fit perfectly. Moreover, Honda fenders can be screwed in the car to bring out a sportier look for your vehicle.

Our site features an extensive selection of car accessories that can enhance the appeal your precious Honda vehicle. With customization as a trend, the accessories you can use for further enhancements are fender flares, side skirts, spoilers, bumpers, grille, bumper cover, lights and a lot more. Take a look at our user-friendly site to get the perfect Honda fender and accessories for your car.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tips for Servicing a Subaru Affordably

subaru tuning

In addition to being attractive, reliable and safe, Subarus are some of the most environmentally clean and fuel-efficient cars on the market. They perform well in crash-tests, are known for their endurance and they handle well on the road.

Occasionally, even these popular cars need a little servicing though. To take care of the Subaru you use every day, you will need both knowledgeable technicians and reliable parts. Even if you aren't car-fixing savvy, you can save yourself a little bit of money by shopping for replacement parts on your own.

Subaru parts can be found quickly at many reliable companies online and many of those companies sell the parts you need at prices far below the factory list prices. Even if you need a mechanic to identify the problem, they can help you shop for parts on your own by simply telling you the replacement part you need along with its item number. Then all you need to do is enter the part number along with your car model and the year it was made in a search for an affordable, authentic Subaru part.
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When you shop around for the most affordable Subaru parts, try to find a company that has a wide selection of parts for you to choose from. There is nothing more frustrating than investing some of your precious time looking for a good deal and getting your hopes up when you find the price you need listed for a good price just to learn that it isn't really available. Choosing a company with a well-established history of good customer service can save you some headaches too. Companies that handle a lot of orders can meet your need with speed and efficiency that has come with years of practice.

Some discount parts suppliers may be able to service your vehicle as well. If you are lucky enough to live close to a company like this, you can save a lot of time because they won't need to wait a couple days for a part to come that they already have in stock. Consequently, you get a good deal on the part and the convenience of speedy service.

Whether you drive a larger Subaru Forester with your family, the mid-sized Subaru Legacy for its space, or the showy, turbo-powered Impreza to make driving fun, you can cut the cost of reliable Subaru parts by buying them yourself through discount companies.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why Should I Consider a Hybrid Car?

More and more people are turning to hybrid cars these days because of their promise of lesser fuel consumption and environmental friendliness. Hybrid cars, because they run on both fuel and battery-powered engines, eat up less fuel, thereby sparing the consumer the pain of falling prey to price pressures in the world oil market. In addition, it also emits significantly less smog pollutants in the air, compared to traditional fuel-operated cars. Indeed, there are a lot of advantages to owning hybrid cars. This is why even the US government is starting to show support by welcoming more models into the country and by encouraging American auto makers like General Motors and Ford to make more units.

Here are some of the advantages of hybrid cars:

1) Efficiency - Hybrid cars are electrically operated and are thus able to function well and consistently at any motor speed. This is in contrast to conventional gas-powered engines, which tend to produce less power in low revolutions per minute episodes. Hybrid cars do not need to use transmissions to make their engines run at full capacity even at reduced speeds.

2) Economy - One of the advantages of hybrid cars is that the feature called "regenerative braking". Since a hybrid car works using both electric power and fuel power, each can function by itself or conjunction, depending on which is stronger at the time of use. This means that both engines complement each other and do not simply bog one when one of them becomes weaker.

3) Convenience - Because hybrid cars are part battery powered, they do not create huge holes in the pocket, compared to users of traditional cars who feel the pain of the continuing oil price increases. Most hybrid cars, particularly the ones that are made in Japan, are also more compact and lightweight, making them easier to maneuver on the road. Other models, particularly those by American and European car makers also do not deviate from the stylish designs their regular counterparts adopt, so users don't have to feel they are being left out in the style department.

4) Sustainability - Sure, hybrid cars are fairly new, so their immediate impact on the environment cannot be foreseen in the short term. However, over the course of time, the next generations will definitely be thankful for having a clean, pollution free world, thanks in part to hybrid vehicles.

Some critics say that it is not the time to buy hybrid vehicles because they are expensive. However, when you consider the advantages, you really shouldn't think twice. While you must be discerning in choosing the right model for your needs, this doesn't mean you start hesitating. After all, when more people start buying hybrid cars, manufacturers will see the need to produce more and eventually bring its price to very affordable levels.
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Top 6 Best Car Tuning Tips

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You decided that you car is outdated. Well, don't worry, because that is why they invented car tuning. No, you don't need to go shopping for a new and very expensive car, you just need to embrace the idea of car tuning. Think about it this way: You, your look and style also need, from time to time, certain improvements, and so does your car. Not sure what to do, what to change and how to improve you car? Here are the best 6 tips you can use when deciding for car tuning:

3 General Tips about What to Consider and Why

1. Start from the idea that the improvements will cost you money. For sure, you don't want to modify your car to the worse. So, say "no" to cheap equipment, to cheap car accessories and to unprofessional techniques. Be prepared to opt for the best of the best. But in order to make sure that you won't harm your budget too much, evaluate the costs before you start the car tuning process. Make sure you include the services, equipment, all the accessories and necessary elements.

2. Think ahead. Make sure that the modifications you are about to bring to your car are not irreversible. Or, in case they are irreversible, make sure you will feel happy with them forever. Basically, car tuning is an actual investment, so you would better give it a lot of thought and consideration. Furthermore, decide on the type of the car tuning you are looking for: engine tuning, interior, exterior modification, body tuning or other forms.

3. Consider the purpose of your car. Who is using the car? What is the car used for? It is a family car? Are you using the car to go to work? Sure, you might want to add some bright yellow flames on the car's exterior, but is this a proper look for a family car or for the car you use to go to work with? Make sure you can still use the same way you did and that the modifications do not affect the actual functionality of the vehicle.

3 Specific Tips: Engine Tuning and Aesthetic Tuning

4. One of the simplest and most efficient methods of enhancing the aspect of a car is by adding car wallpaper. It is easy, fast, and, even more importantly, it is quite affordable. There are wide ranges of colors, styles and patterns that can customize your car the way you desire.
spoiler tuning ford auto
5. If you are looking forward to adding more power, then you should not jump to the conclusion that the fitting exhausts and induction kits are the only available solution. In fact, they are a great solution, but you need much more than that, such as new and optimized brakes, plus the suspension tuning. So, in general, make sure you consider all the additional and necessary elements before you take any decision.

6 If your goal is to reach the optimal engine power, then there are some simple and effective tricks you can apply. First of all you need to make sure that there are no air leaks. How can you do that? You can check with the help of some silicon sealants, which should be applied on the carburetor. Secondly, you should keep the engine's temperature around 150 degrees the first three times when you are running tanks of fuel and then keep the temperature of the engine around 200 degrees. Good luck!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Car Modifications - Tuned for Show

car auto tuning
Fashion and art, public appearance or even the simple act of meeting new people – it is all about the show. To show how you feel and how you think – to let others see your best, to let them understand you and appreciate you for everything you are. And today in the environment of this ever-changing World your car is more than your safe ride to designated destinations.

Your car is a part of your life style. It is the first impression of you when coming to a new place. And the look of it shows to others who you are and what you like.

Maybe this is exactly the reason why so many people try to give their cars a unique look - just as unique as they are. And tuning the car is maybe the perfect approach for this.

There are many ways for car tuning. Many of them help the car to reach high performance. I will begin with a few of them because no matter how cool the car looks the performance is important.
The boost controllers are a great way to maximize the smooth power delivery of the vehicle. It is the electronic brain of your car allowing for a better and faster control of the boost. The exhaust gases should be taken out more quickly because when this happen more fresh air is forced into the engine increasing the performance of the combustion process. However sometimes too much air could allow for intermittent losses of power to appear and drive your car unstable and unreliable.
To get around this problem an electronic brain is added to the valve that controls the flow through the turbo. This gives a better control of the boost at a wide open throttle and a quicker response regarding every change of the throttle conditions.

To control the boost sometimes mechanical boost controllers are applied but in some cases they will not adjust properly for a given condition and this will add fluctuation to the boost. This is why a fully mapped electronic boost controller is the better choice.

How have you ever seen a drag race? Or maybe you actually participated in one of them. The drag race is maybe the most exiting event that the car sports could offer. It is full of speed and adrenalin – the foundation of what a racer lives for. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about it is the NOS system.

NoS actually come from the name of one of the companies which manufactures these systems. Some people make the mistake to think that this states for Nitrous Oxide N20. This is not the case but it is close to it because a gas called Dinitrous Monoxide or the a.k.a. Nitrous Oxide N20 comes into play.

This gas was used in wartime to boost the aircraft engines and today it is an easy high power modification for many cars. A non-flammable gas by itself is injected into the intake manifold and it mixes with the air and the fuel there. By taking a part of the combustion process this gas dissociate oxygen which provides more power to the combustion process. The rapid change from liquid to gas of the new mixture component gives a nice cooling side effect too which cools down the whole engine area and it is highly valued for this effect too.
If you think about adding the NoS component to your car you should know that a proper fuel delivery system will be needed too because when the NoS comes into play more oxygen is released and therefore more fuel is required. You should also know that there will be an additional cost for you – the refill of the NoS system containers and the additional fuel that is burned because of this high power system. If that is fine with you and you are ready for the speed you are going to feel this system is just what you are looking for.
Now when NoS system is intact and the proper performance adjustments have been made it is time to put some style on the outside. Car styling is about the personal choice. No one could really tell you what your car should look like because it will express your own personality. However I will provide few suggestions.

The cheapest way will be to put a sticker on your car. Let others know what your vehicle is all about. If you are a drag race enthusiastic and you already own a NOS system it could be pretty cool to use the NOS logo or to put a fire looking sticker making the impression of a car entering the Earth atmosphere.
Always apply stickers on a warm day and take your time to release the air from the bubbles in order for the sticker to stick in tightly. You should also know that bonnet/hood stickers should resist the heat from the engine. Many stickers are translucent so keep that in mind too. If you apply for example a cool green translucent sticker to red car you will most likely end up with a muddy brown colour looking not that cool. Of course a good idea could be to apply many layers of stickers in order to create the right colour and effect.

You may also want to paint your wheels in the colour of the car to provide additional effect. Keep in mind that black look stylish too so don’t over paint because you don’t want to create the impression of a circus prop. Use your imagination – maybe some sprayed art could work for you too. You may even want to contact an artist about it.
Last but not least consider some interior redesign. Car mats are the most popular start for an interior transformation. Keep in mind that the wrong car mat could damage your gearbox and even lead to an accident. Dashboard styling and some plastic painting could help too but always try to balance the colours in a good way. This is where an artist could help or maybe a good seller with a fine taste.
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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Body Kits That Make your Car Look More Sleek and Fast

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Body kits are words that most car enthusiasts have heard of. For those of you who may be in the dark about what these words mean wait just a few moments while the puzzle is solved. To put it briefly the body kits we are referring to are ways in which we can change the look of a car.

You can use expensive body kits or there are companies who have the same kits parts for a lower price. While the kit price is important there are other matters that are just as important. These matters mainly involve the type of changes that you want to implement on to your vehicle. Now you should note that the word vehicle can mean either a car or a truck.

That right! There are body kits available for the truck enthusiast to change forever the way their trucks look too. These many different kits all share the same principle idea. That is to give your vehicle a sleek and aerodynamic look and handling. When you look at your existing car you will notice that there are areas where there is a void. These void areas are mainly in the front, sides and back of your car.

As a result of these voids the wind drags at your car and slows the car down. To prevent this from occurring you will need to apply more force (read higher speeds) to make your vehicle perform well at higher speed limits. With the addition of body kits this extra pressure is no longer needed. The various parts which are placed on your car will help to create that streamlined effect you need.

For the front of your car there are cowl spoilers. This attachment will be placed on the front of your car’s windshield to divert the flow of air. It is mounted of the back of the hood but right in front of the windshield itself. In some body kits you will have a choice of two different front bumper changes that you can install to your car.

Likewise there are interesting attachments for the sides and rear of your vehicle. These attachments are in the form of side skirts. The side skirts are placed over the rocker panels just below the car doors. For the back of the car you can place a full rear lip that is made from polyurethane material.

There is a wide assortment of items which you can purchase to make your car look more sleek and fast. The only boundaries you will find are the type of car you are driving and the final price that you are willing to pay. Once you have these known the sky’s the limit with your car body kits.
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Tune Up your Car Insurance as Well as your Car

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If you’re a motoring enthusiast, a new piece of kit for your much-loved vehicle is difficult to resist – however, unless you’re careful it could invalidate your car insurance claims.

In January this year, Ford’s RS tuning firm announced it had teamed up with Mountune Performance to offer two new exciting pieces of kit for the Fiesta ST.

The Stage 1 kit (priced at £1,435 plus fitting) includes an engine tweak to produce 162bhp, a new air-induction and exhaust. Stage 2 meanwhile (priced at £1,838 plus fitting) includes the same upgrades but takes the power to 182bhp and includes new camshafts and valve springs.

The only downside is that on top of the price for the kit, these optional extras could bump up the price of your car insurance.

Your chances of gaining cheap car insurance if your car has ‘go-faster stripes’ are greatly reduced because insurers look unfavourably on vehicle modifications seeing them as a hallmark of ‘boy racers’ rather than safe and considerate drivers.

The solution is not to keep your insurer out of the loop, either. If you’ve made a modification to your car and not informed your insurer, then, should an accident occur, your claim could be invalidated.

Insurers demand honesty – your premiums are based on risk factors such as where you live, your driving record and the type of car you drive.

Altering your car alters your insurance. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sit on an inflated quote.

By shopping around for cheap car insurance using a car insurance comparison tool you can make significant savings. So if, after modifications, you’re not happy with what your insurer offers, look for a better deal. Search by manufacturer, such as Ford car insurance, and your savings could be enough to afford a new piece of kit!
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