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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuning Parts for Your Audi

audiMany people choose to drive an Audi A3 because they want a luxury car that is fun to drive. For some people a small and luxurious car is an oxymoron, but an Audi A3 driver knows better. Quality isn't always measured by size. As a person who values distinction you may also appreciate luxury performance options and upgrades that didn't come standard on your vehicle. There are some very exclusive Audi parts that can only be found through luxury car tuning websites. One example is the Vario Plus Control Module for the Audi A3.

The Vario Plus Control Modules for the Audi A3 are luxury tuning parts that add support for different engine configurations and versions. They can add a lot of functionality to your dashboard display with features that allow you to view your battery voltage and oil temperature, see the time it takes to go from zero to sixty in real time and up to fifty other improvements and enhancements to existing functions and features. Sometimes the little things in life are those making a huge difference, such as allowing you to choose between two and six comfort blinks when making a turn for example. These little adjustments help to personalize your A3 driving experience and luxury car parts make the difference.

tuningFinding the right luxury car tuning parts for your car can sometimes be challenging, but i am sure you already know that. Some of the more unique car parts like the Vario Plus Control Modules for the Audi A3 are only available at one particular website, but once you find that website you will have no trouble in having these great car parts shipped right to your door. It is no doubt you will be surprised to see how little the price is for something that gives you so many unique functions and features. If you celebrate your individuality, shouldn't be your car as unique as you are?

Driving a luxury car like the Audi A3 is meant to be a pleasurable experience so why not spice it up a bit more? While finding luxury Audi parts may have been challenging in the past finding the right website will change all of that. Many Luxury car tuning parts will give you the enhanced driving experience you desire without having to break into your piggy bank. There are so few true pleasures in life these days and even fewer that have no ill consequences. Driving is one pleasure you can still enjoy so long as you are driving your customized Audi.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some Useful Tips for Tuning the Music Gear

In musical parlance tuning refers to two types of tuning methods. One is the tuning practice, which is the applying procedures of tuning an instrument, its gear or the voice. The other one is the tuning of the music systems.

The question that comes to the mind is why do we need tuning of music gear? Tuning is a process through which certain pitches are built up in relation with each other. The matching is done in tandem. For certain times they cross each other and at other times they complement the other one, at periodic intervals. When a pitch is too high or near too inaudible with respect to the others, we call it out of tune.

Out of tune is also called when the pitch does not match a standard, such as a concert A 440. For a wind musical gear like pipe, flute or any bass instruments, modifying the length or width can adjust the pitch.

Guitar is a string instrument. Tuning of music gear like guitars are also different. So, the tuning done to adjust the pitch is also different. There are adjustable pegs on the head of the guitar. Turning them will increase or decrease the tension of the strings, which in turn will change the tuning. This holds true for, almost, all of the string instruments and the gear.

Tuning the music gear is done with voice also. This process is known as matching pitch. This is considered to be one of the basics of the ear tunings.

Along with the harmonic gear, there are some inharmonic instruments also. The type with which the tuning is applied also determines the complexity. A brass instrument like bell is an intricate instrument to tune.

A simple way of tuning the music gear is to start sounding the two pitches and then tinkering with the one to match with the other one. For this purpose a tuning fork is used as a reference device. There are electronic tuning devices also which help in deciding the right tune for the gear.

Accuracy of the tuning of the music gear is sometimes measured by the interference beats. When the two working pitches are going on side by side and moving towards a harmonic relationship the frequency of the beating is decreased. The apt way to tune an octave or unison is to lessen the beating frequency till it cannot be noticed. The type of tuning system determines in case of other intervals.

In tuning the music gears for strings, which are not tuned to unison, harmonics can be used.

Only one pitch is used as a reference pitch to tune a gear or instrument. For a string instrument only one string is tuned first, then it becomes the reference pitch to tune the others. In case of guitar, the lowest string is tuned to E; the successive ones are done next.

In the 16th century, the Italian musicians first used unconventional tunings or scordatura. The main uses were to facilitate difficult passages in tuning of gear, reinforce tonalities by using the open strings, and also extending the range of the instruments.

There are times when a musical instrument or gear is intentionally pitched lower during tuning. This process of tuning the music gears is called down tuned.