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Thursday, December 24, 2009

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Some Tips for Perfecting your Parking Skills

insuranceWhether you live in a busy, bustling city or a quiet country dwelling, being able to drive safely and confidently is important, and one of the most common things that drivers of all ages find tricky is parking. Though absolutely essential, the seemingly simple act of parking a car can become cumbersome and time consuming due to several factors, from surface terrain and reduced visibility to even an unfamiliar new car.

To avoid accidents and save time, there are plenty of small tips to bear in mind the next time you go to reverse park into a tight space, or parallel park on a congested street, but here's a few of them to get you started.

Small scrapes and bumps are very common in car parks, where space is usually of a premium. When you find the best spot to park in, first decide whether to reverse in or go nose first, and then remember to go slowly. Though you'll hopefully not cause any serious accidents while parking, it can still be expensive to fix that scratched paint work if you're not careful. Simply reducing your speed immediately gives you a far greater margin for error and allows you time to consider each movement and amend any mistakes as you go.

Next is observation. By being aware of what is around you on all sides, it can reduce the likelihood of accidents and will improve your spatial awareness, so when you come to get out of the car, you won't find that you're parked too close to even open your driver's door! A simple fix to prevent you from denting your bumper (or anyone else’s) is parking sensors. They can be used both front and rear and will help you park more accurately in no time.

In a busy street or packed multi-storey car park, it’s easy for drivers to get competitive over parking spaces. Don’t. Remember that keeping control of the car is essential at all times, so you should try to avoid any actions that could provoke other drivers. Maintain common courtesy while parking that you would use throughout your day to day life, as this will keep you relaxed and focused as you go to park.

Finally, don’t forget the little things that will make the job of parking easier. Before you begin the manoeuvre, make sure you’re aware of what’s around you and, just as importantly, make sure fellow drivers are aware of you. Signal clearly and early, allowing drivers plenty of time to give you room to park, and be considerate of how much space you take up too - always aim for the minimum.

Though there are plenty of car insurance companies out there, follow these simple tips and hopefully your parking will be bump-free in the future.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to Do Your Own Auto Glass Chip Repair

car insurance tuningA repair that is often overlooked until too late is auto glass
chip repair. While a chip in the windshield may not seem like much environmental waste pollution and the stress of temperature changes can cause it to grow over time, resulting in cracks and repairs more expensive. However, it has to come to this. With this article, and a do-it-yourself glass repair kit cars, you can fix a chip in the windshield before it gets worse.

Inspecting the damage

The first step in any repair process to inspect the damage. You can do it yourself or even take your car to a professional if necessary. A general rule is that if windshield damage is limited to a minor chip or Knick, you must repair. Often, small spider cracks can be repaired as well, but the cracks with long veins present a major problem and usually are not repairable. If in doubt, consult a professional for their opinion.

Select the repair kit

If you determine that your chip is actually glass repair, a trip to your local auto parts store will offer different options for repair. Although offered by different companies, most do-it-yourself kits windshield work the same way and have similar elements. The kits typically include a stabilizer or a base that resembles a suction cup, a nozzle or applicator, a tube of resin and a curing adhesive film.

Perform the repair

Before diving into the repair, be sure to read carefully the detailed instructions with the kit. Once done, the first step is to clean the chip and the area around it as best as possible with glass cleaner. Wipe dry with a clean towel afterwards. If there is any debris on the chip, a safety pin or similar item can be used to remove it.

When the area is clean, the stabilizer or base shall be affixed to the windshield, usually with an adhesive. Make sure it is carefully positioned and that the seal between it and the glass is tight. The next step usually involves placing the applicator nozzle or the stabilizer. Generally, the air is extracted from between the stabilizer and the windscreen, while injecting the resin. The vacuum thus created helps to draw the resin into the crack and to protect it from pollutants in the air.

Once the resin has cured for the time specified in the instructions, applicator and the stabilizer are removed. The next step usually involves placing a drop of resin on the repair and then placing the cured film thereof. When making the film, make sure to remove any air bubbles that may be present. Again, the curing of the resin in the amount of time specified in the instructions.

Once the film is removed, if any part of the repair is not uniform, usually can be solved with a razor blade. Any excess resin or adhesive residue can be cleaned with glass cleaner. If completed correctly, the repair should be kept fairly quiet at this point.

While a chip in the windshield may seem insignificant, it is important to take care as soon as possible before it becomes worse. With the information provided in this article, you will find it a simple job that can save you big money in the long term.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Choosing a Car Stereo

With the huge choice of car audio equipment available today it is often difficult to decide what car stereo would best suit your needs. This article will hopefully help you negotiate the technical minefield and make the best choice for your requirements.

There are two main contributing factors to the quality of the audio that is produced by any audio equipment which are the frequency response and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The frequency response of the ear is around 20Hz to 20KHz although this often diminishes with age. A 'loud' facility is sometimes provide to boost the frequencies that become degraded with age. The SNR is important as it is what constitutes the background hiss that is often associated with cheaper audio equipment.

The car stereo or head unit today can play audio from a wide variety of sources which we will now discuss below.

Cassette Deck

If the reason for replacing your car stereo is to allow you to play your CD's or music from your iPod then please be aware that it is possible to purchase equipment that allows you to play music from an external source. These specialised adapters look like a cassette with a flying lead that plugs into your alternate music source ie iPod, CD player etc. This is often a very cheap and easy alternative if funds are tight!

Audio Cassettes in general do not give as good an audio experience as CD players as their frequency response and SNR is often inferior to that of modern digital equipment.

Although cassette tape sales have declined extensively it is still possible to purchase due to the amount of tapes that are still out there however as a long term investment a CD or MP3 player would probably be a better choice.

CD player

The CD has been around for many years now and is well established in the market-place. A CD can store its information in a multitude of formats but the most popular at the moment is usually just referred to as an Audio CD in the specifications. These are the CD's that you can buy of the shelf from any major music retail shop.

As with all technology the the common audio format is under threat by a relatively new format referred to as MP3. MP3 is a digital audio compression technique that allows much more audio to be squeezed onto a single CD. A typical compressed song will be roughly 4-6MB depending upon the quality of the audio and a typical CD can store around 700MB of data. So you can see that you can store many more songs using MP3 technology than with the conventional music CD's.

It is also possible to purchase a head unit that has a remote CD player or CD changer. A CD changer is like a mini duke box that can be located in your boot, glove compartment etc. They typically have between 6 and 12 CD's within them and often support the ability to play songs randomly between all the CD's.

USB/Memory Card
With the rapid adoption of MP3 format and the availability of cheap USB memory sticks car audio manufacturers have started to adopt USB ports on their equipment as standard. A USB stick or memory card can be thought of as a very small CD usually about a couple of inches long and about half an inch wide but capable of storing vastly more information than a conventional CD. Something to check when buying a head unit supporting this feature is the upper memory limit of the USB stick or memory card. Typical memory cards today are around 2-4GB which would store many albums however these sizes may not be supported by the head unit.

If you purchase a head unit supporting this type of media then you'll need to make sure that you have a method of getting the music from you CD collection onto the memory stick. This will involve 'ripping' the audio and copying it onto the memory. There are many programs available for doing this such as Windows Media Player.


Most people are familiar with car radio's and understand what to look for when purchasing one. However something to keep in mind when looking is the uptake of DAB radio which is the new digital transmission method.

DAB radio uses modern digital compression techniques to offer a greater variety of music and programmes as well as short messages etc that often appear of the display. Since this is a new format and isn't widely adopted as the mainstream format most DAB radios also still support FM transmissions.

The DIN form factor

Finally something which should be overlooked is the form factor and connections for the head-unit. With early cars there wasn't really a standard which led to all sorts of problems when replacing the factor standard unit. However there is now a standard size referred to as the DIN which is 2 1/8" (50mm) tall and 7 1/8" (180mm) wide and double-DIN which is twice as tall as the standard DIN size.

The connectors used to plug the stereo in are fairly common but there is no one standard connector. Luckily due to the size of the problem there are many different types of adaptor readily available in most car audio shops.

One problem often experience with fitting new audio equipment is with the memory 'forgetting' its settings. This is often due to the power supply wires to the head unit being switched over. To over come this problem the manufacturers of the cabling adapters easily enable the yellow and red wire to be interchanged which will fix the problem.

It is always worth checking out many retailers before making a selection on a head unit and I would recommend searching a car audio directory for the best choice.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Online Auto Auction Is The Right Place to Buy Cars?

It is the desire of many people to buy cars cheaply. A lot of people may not be aware of how to get cheap cars even when the desire to buy is there. The search for cheaper cars will take you to local and regional auctions where you may get the desired deal. If it is not possible, the internet will prove to be the best alternative.

You can be sure to get a good online auto auction starting from the search engines. Some of these places that you will get from your researches are sponsored by the government. You will only need to locate a good auto auction agency websites and peruse through the site to find your kind of car.

Buying from an online auto auction will be preferred for a number of reasons:

Variety to choose from

From an online auto auction, you will be likely to get a wide range of car choices. That will also mean getting so many quotations and price lists from the comfort of your home. You will be saved the hassle of getting to walk in many places in search for a car to buy.

They are cheaper

Since there are many places who offer cheap cars through online platform and the competition is high, you will be likely to get cheaper prices than if you were to buy from a dealer or action yard near you.


Buying through an online auto auction will surely be very convenient as you will finalize the transaction from the comfort of your home.

Friday, August 7, 2009


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Friday, July 10, 2009

Car Shows and Insurance Cover

car tuningMore often than not folks haven't a clue just how perilous the idea of taking a car to show it, with no insurance can be. Have you imagined what would happen if there was something that went incorrect and there was no insurance protection in the event the paint was scratched, the doors dented, or perhaps the doors dented, or even the glass smashed in one window.

It's best to ensure that you possess plenty of indemnity which may cover your wishes. This can imply having further coverage above the usual insurance that the majority hold on their autos. You must always make sure that you get an adequate amount of coverage to protect the auto without reference to what occurs. You must be completely mindful of this before you go to the car show. Seize the opportunity to truly thoroughly examine all the info in the information in the policy to establish where your coverage is wanting. You may be able to modify your existing policy or you might need to buy a supplemental policy to fill in the gaps. Regardless of which method you opt to take, you need to make sure that the entire amount of the car is covered.

Many people make the error of only insuring a little of their car. You need to notice that when you are dealing with car show deserving cars they are always priced at much bigger than standard resell rates would cover. You will discover after an issue happens that your insurance will only cover a share of the car. Always talk to your insurance agent and ensure that you have enough coverage which may pay the acceptable amount in the event of damage. You actually don't wish to be caught off guard if your auto supports important scratches at the car show to find out that your vehicle can only receive up to $1,000 in insurance money. You need to ensure that all damage is paid for, instead of the insurance company possibly claiming that damage was pre-existing.
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Automoble Magazine has premier coverage of the big auto shows like Detroit, Paris, Toyko, and more.

insuranceChoosing good insurance will make sure that you're able to enjoy your car all of the time, sure that you're able to pay for repairs out of pocket after a car show. Remember, it is important to have acceptable protection the red after a car before the car show, rather than have acceptable protection for your auto before the car has already been damaged some how. Most folk have much more coverage than they ever need on their cherished autos, but it is worth the extra cash for the piece of mind that you have knowing that your appreciated automobile will be repaired if a problem occurs. Another you have knowing that you have is discuss with the event sponsors whether they are going to be providing insurance to the people showing their autos. Some do offer insurance; however most don't provide coverage.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Let's Make A Deal On Your Dream Car

carWe have all witnessed and experienced the wrath of economic instability with employer cut backs, layoffs, employers filing bankruptcy or even just closing their doors as we all live and struggle together in our own individual economic crises.

But not all is doom and gloom! If we focus on the silver lining of each financial storm cloud! I'm talking about opportunity!

The opportunity to make the best deal possible when you purchase your dream car! Not the opportunity to take advantage of someone, but the advantage to make the best deal possible!

We have all seen the news of major auto manufactures cutting back, closing plants, closing dealerships or even filing bankruptcy, but what is not in the news is that automobile listings are on the rise at major internet sites such as EBay and Craig's list and the same goes for automobile fore sale newspaper adds in cities across America!

We have dealerships slashing new car prices as high as 40% in some areas and the same goes with used cars! This is opportunity knocking for you to buy that dream car at the best possible price.

Now before you jump you should ask yourself one very important question:

Do you really need that car? (Keep in mind that we are in economic bad times and if your purchase is going to place you into a financial strain, if would be best not to make that purchase). You don't want to have to be one who has to sell your dream car because you under estimated your financial situation!

If you answered yes we can now move on to making the best deal possible on your purchase by asking yourself the right questions!

How much can you afford? If you are going to finance your purchase you need to know how much of a down payment you can put down and how much of a monthly payment you can afford. (You must be realistic and honest with your self in this area).

Will your car be used for local or long distance travel? (Keep in mind that gas prices can turn your dream car into a money pit!).

What features are you looking for? You know those little extras such as air conditioning, cruise control, car color, stereo, 4 tires (just kidding), convertible or hard top, Anti-lock brake systems and so on.

Getting this all down (preferably on paper) before you start searching will save you a lot of time and money. Now comes one of the most important steps in any large purchase and that's research!

You will want to check and see what the average selling price is for that dream car in your area by checking websites and dealerships! They do this when you go to purchase a house or to get a home loan to find the value of your property and this same process works on just about any purchase you may make!

Once you have this in hand, you are now ready and prepared to make the best deal possible but you must be willing to walk away from the deal even if you have fallen in love with the car! Keep in mind your goal is to make the best deal possible and if you are willing to walk away your ability to negotiate is increased!

When you make your first offer you should make a low offer allowing yourself and the seller room to negotiate, this process makes everyone comfortable in the deal and at least for me its fun to haggle! But keep in mind that if you go in with a ridiculous offer the seller will most likely walk away leaving you looking like a fool!

Once you have made the deal on your dream car, take three more steps before you lay down your hard earned money!

Step 1: Ask the seller for service records (some will have them and some will not). If a vehicle has been properly serviced during its life time it can turn out to be a little treasure!

Step 2: Be sure to get a vehicle history report! This will identify any major problems such as odometer rollbacks, fire or flood damage and even past accidents.

Step 3: Have it checked out by a trusted mechanic! This will save you from purchasing a money pit!

By just following all three steps your dream car purchase will be one of the wisest purchases you may make!

I purchased a used car with a resale value of $32,000 for $17,900 several years ago by following each step! The car had an outstanding service record and even has a set of 8 manufactured vehicle manuals! So I took the deal to step 2 and ran a vehicle history report that cost around $19 and found out it was totaled because of hale damage even thought it was all repaired! Since I was all good with this I had it checked out by a trusted mechanic that cost me $75 and all was well so I made my purchase and drove this car for 5 years until I sold it for $15,000 making my true purchase less than $3,000!

Be prepared to stand firm and a willingness to walk away and you will find that your dream car purchase can be most exciting!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Save Money with a Biodiesel Kit

car insuranceWith the rising gas prices of today many people have begun to look for an alternative way to put fuel in their cars
. A biodiesel kit fits the bill for many people who have started making this oil saving fuel in their own backyards. And why not make your own fuel, the hit to wallets and bank accounts with high gasoline prices makes finding alternative fuel sources imperative these days, particularly with the price of gas and oil in the news on a daily basis. A biodiesel kit is a great way to save a substantial amount of money on your fuel costs
. The basic function of such a kit is to convert vegetable oil into biodiesel, a fuel source that can be used in vehicles that currently run on diesel fuel. It is important to note that not all car companies endorse the use of biodiesel fuel in their vehicles and will void the warranty if an engine is damaged by its use. Be sure to research this before buying a new vehicle with a diesel engine. For older diesel cars and trucks there are engine conversion kits that will make the change to cleaner burning biodiesel much easier. There is a minimal amount of supplies needed to use a biodiesel kit. You will need basic tap water, methanol and access to a good amount of vegetable oil, which can usually be obtained from restaurants and such. You can set the kit up just about anywhere, although most people do put them outside in a shed or under an overhang. You will be making a fuel oil so setting up in the house may not be a real good idea. When it comes to pricing a kit the more features to be found the more expensive the kit. The most expensive models are built to prevent fumes and odors from escaping during the refining process. Having an odorless refining process may be important for those wishing to refine their fuel near their home. If you live on a farm or a large acreage this may not be as important as the kit can be located farther from the house. Of course if you can afford it go ahead and get the more expensive closed system just because they are very easy to use. If for some reason you already have a large amount of cooking oil that you need to dispose of then a biodiesel kit would work perfectly. It does take more time to process used oil but the results are the same, a more environmentally friendly fuel that can be put into a diesel powered vehicle. Considering that the price of gasoline is on an ever rising trend making biodiesel for personal use can be seen as a smart move. Having your own biodiesel kit producing a constant supply of a low cost environmentally friendly fuel right in your own backyard would remove the sting of high pump prices.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Body kits – mix them up!

tuningBody kits are a great way to personalize your car
. You can choose a style and color that reflects your taste. However if you have bought a particularly popular car model then there will be thousands of car owners out there who have personalized their car
. And it is quite possible you cannot find a unique way to personalize your car.

One option available for you is custom body kits. You can be sure you will get a unique shape and unique styling. However custom body kits are expensive and they also take time to be built. If you have the time and money you can go in for a custom design.

However if you don’t have both or either then too you can get yourself truly unique car styling. How do you do that? You may know that people often mix and match dresses to create fresh unique looks for themselves. Well you can do the same with body kits.

You can take the front bumper from one design and a rear bumper from another. You can add car spoilers
from a third design and similarly you can add more body kit components. Ultimately you will have assembled a truly unique set of products to personalize your car. Of course this freedom to do as you wish comes with a responsibility. You will have to make sure the components gel together and look great on your car.

If you have some time you can consider getting some of the components painted. This will not add to the cost much and enable you to have colors of your choice. You can also get some graphics added to match your style.

Besides mixing body kit components you can also consider a few more car styling products to give your car a personal touch. There are many such products. For example you can add car mirrors and window louvers.

Doing up your car can be a source of endless joy. If you take the time and effort to personalize your car you will reap the benefits as long as you own the car and drive around in it with a sense of pride.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuning Parts for Your Audi

audiMany people choose to drive an Audi A3 because they want a luxury car that is fun to drive. For some people a small and luxurious car is an oxymoron, but an Audi A3 driver knows better. Quality isn't always measured by size. As a person who values distinction you may also appreciate luxury performance options and upgrades that didn't come standard on your vehicle. There are some very exclusive Audi parts that can only be found through luxury car tuning websites. One example is the Vario Plus Control Module for the Audi A3.

The Vario Plus Control Modules for the Audi A3 are luxury tuning parts that add support for different engine configurations and versions. They can add a lot of functionality to your dashboard display with features that allow you to view your battery voltage and oil temperature, see the time it takes to go from zero to sixty in real time and up to fifty other improvements and enhancements to existing functions and features. Sometimes the little things in life are those making a huge difference, such as allowing you to choose between two and six comfort blinks when making a turn for example. These little adjustments help to personalize your A3 driving experience and luxury car parts make the difference.

tuningFinding the right luxury car tuning parts for your car can sometimes be challenging, but i am sure you already know that. Some of the more unique car parts like the Vario Plus Control Modules for the Audi A3 are only available at one particular website, but once you find that website you will have no trouble in having these great car parts shipped right to your door. It is no doubt you will be surprised to see how little the price is for something that gives you so many unique functions and features. If you celebrate your individuality, shouldn't be your car as unique as you are?

Driving a luxury car like the Audi A3 is meant to be a pleasurable experience so why not spice it up a bit more? While finding luxury Audi parts may have been challenging in the past finding the right website will change all of that. Many Luxury car tuning parts will give you the enhanced driving experience you desire without having to break into your piggy bank. There are so few true pleasures in life these days and even fewer that have no ill consequences. Driving is one pleasure you can still enjoy so long as you are driving your customized Audi.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some Useful Tips for Tuning the Music Gear

In musical parlance tuning refers to two types of tuning methods. One is the tuning practice, which is the applying procedures of tuning an instrument, its gear or the voice. The other one is the tuning of the music systems.

The question that comes to the mind is why do we need tuning of music gear? Tuning is a process through which certain pitches are built up in relation with each other. The matching is done in tandem. For certain times they cross each other and at other times they complement the other one, at periodic intervals. When a pitch is too high or near too inaudible with respect to the others, we call it out of tune.

Out of tune is also called when the pitch does not match a standard, such as a concert A 440. For a wind musical gear like pipe, flute or any bass instruments, modifying the length or width can adjust the pitch.

Guitar is a string instrument. Tuning of music gear like guitars are also different. So, the tuning done to adjust the pitch is also different. There are adjustable pegs on the head of the guitar. Turning them will increase or decrease the tension of the strings, which in turn will change the tuning. This holds true for, almost, all of the string instruments and the gear.

Tuning the music gear is done with voice also. This process is known as matching pitch. This is considered to be one of the basics of the ear tunings.

Along with the harmonic gear, there are some inharmonic instruments also. The type with which the tuning is applied also determines the complexity. A brass instrument like bell is an intricate instrument to tune.

A simple way of tuning the music gear is to start sounding the two pitches and then tinkering with the one to match with the other one. For this purpose a tuning fork is used as a reference device. There are electronic tuning devices also which help in deciding the right tune for the gear.

Accuracy of the tuning of the music gear is sometimes measured by the interference beats. When the two working pitches are going on side by side and moving towards a harmonic relationship the frequency of the beating is decreased. The apt way to tune an octave or unison is to lessen the beating frequency till it cannot be noticed. The type of tuning system determines in case of other intervals.

In tuning the music gears for strings, which are not tuned to unison, harmonics can be used.

Only one pitch is used as a reference pitch to tune a gear or instrument. For a string instrument only one string is tuned first, then it becomes the reference pitch to tune the others. In case of guitar, the lowest string is tuned to E; the successive ones are done next.

In the 16th century, the Italian musicians first used unconventional tunings or scordatura. The main uses were to facilitate difficult passages in tuning of gear, reinforce tonalities by using the open strings, and also extending the range of the instruments.

There are times when a musical instrument or gear is intentionally pitched lower during tuning. This process of tuning the music gears is called down tuned.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saving on Car Insurance

car insurance car insuranceCar Insurance provides cover for vehicles against financial loss and damage caused in accidents. The degree of protection that you can get from car insurance companies depends upon its category. Different kinds of insurance provide cover for incidents and damage of different nature.

Before obtaining car insurance cover, it is important to look around and choose the cheapest car Insurance. In order to do that, you should search for different car insurance quotes, and then analyse the variations amongst them. By looking at how the quotes vary from each other and how much cover is provided, you will be able to decide which one is the cheapest and most effective for you. The most significant factors that affect a car insurance quote are the model and make of the car, how old the car is, job of the policyholder, gender of driver, residence and experience of the driver.

There are different kinds of cover available for car insurance. The cost of your car insurance also depends upon the kind of cover you get. In the UK, three categories of cover are available. These are Fully Comprehensive, Third Party and Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance.

The Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance cover is the one that provides the most protection against losses and damage, and is owned by more than half of the total car insurance policy holders. It covers for accidental damage to your car and also the other vehicle, damage due to fire, physical injuries to passengers, damage due to break ins, and windscreen damage. It also provides cover for personal belongings that have been damaged. Extra options, such as personal cover for accidents and green card can also be included in the Fully Comprehensive cover. This cover is most suitable for cars that are brand new and have high cost value.

Third Party Car Insurance is the one that is the most cost effective and provides cover only for the damage caused to the property, car, driver and passengers of the third party. It does not cover for the damage to your car or driver. This insurance fulfills the minimum legal requirement, and can be obtained for cars, which are not new and are not worth too much with poor performance.

car auto insurance quoteThe Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance has all the features of the Third Party Insurance, but in addition to those, it also provides cover for your car against damage and losses caused by break ins, stealing and fire. This cover is suitable for cars that are not very new but have good performance.

After you have decided the kind of car insurance cover most suitable for you, based on your car's model, value and your budget, you can choose the cheapest car insurance. It is easier to look for quotes and make comparisons because most of them can be obtained on the internet quickly - and making comparisons doesn't take up too much time. Car insurance may seem complicated and not worth your time, but if you invest in it now you won't be sorry later.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance - How to Get It

With gas prices being the way they have people all over the country have started to get creative with their finances and the costs associated with auto travel.

Prices vary from company to company, so it pays to shop around. Get at least four to five price quotes. You will find that there are several websites out there that can save you the time from doing this the slow and hard way as they will often get you quotes from up to a dozen companies all at once. You can call companies directly or access information on the Internet. Your state insurance department may also provide comparisons of prices charged by major insurers. And no, companies like Progressive that claim they will compare other companies, but they are an insurance company, so they are not to be trusted. They only have one interest, and that is to promote their own business.

Bigger is not always better. There are several low cost automobile insurance companies offering competitive rates in relation to the big names out there. This makes it possible to save a bundle on this expense. Many people seem to ignore this cost and tend to accept the burden of expensive insurance even when monthly payments almost match a car payment. In one case, I lowered my car insurance rates by about 50% when I found a good local company (I had switched from a really big name company).

One of the best ways to get cheap car insurance is simply to use a service that forces insurance agents and brokers to compete against one another. At the end of this article is one example of such a site. As soon as you finish your online quote request, multiple agents will contact you. But it is important to NOT sign up with any one of them immediately-Instead, let them know that you are awaiting calls from other local insurance providers. After 5 or so of these people have contacted you, you should have a good idea of what sort of range you might expect to pay.

Then, if you really want to get the cheapest car insurance possible, simply tell the agents that you are ready to buy within the next 24 hours with whichever company offers you the lowest insurance rates. This really puts the fire under them, and is sure to create the most optimal pricing for you. Of course, be sure to carry through on your promise.

If it makes sense, you may want to consider getting a bundle package. Basically, see what it might cost to insure not only your car, but also your home, property, health and life insurance. This can save a person around 10% - 30% depending on the company you go with; and it does make paying your bills easier as well.

Oh, and one more tip, remember that the more info you provide upfront, the more accurate your quotes will be, and the more likely the insurance companies will be responsive to your inquiry. This is especially true when filling out a quote from multiple companies.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance | Auto Insurance | Car Insurance | Car Insurance Quotes

car insurance quotesTo get your vehicle be insured, these days, considered vital to give extra length to the life of it. Therefore various companies offer insurance for almost all the vehicles. Car insurance is central among all vehicles. Insurance companies require minimum amount of your money to pace up with every day problems and maintenance expenditure your car requires. Suppose you meet an unwanted accident and your car is not insured yet, then you will have to pay the whole expenditure of it. If you had an insurance company involved in you would not have to take a small loan from a bank or a friend for that compensation. In order to put repair and other belonging expenditure to the care of a caretaker company such as insurance company is quite an activity of a healthy mind.

Not only has that but auto insurance reduced burden from the head that someone is seriously concerned to the health of your auto. Nowadays no body knows what will happen after few minutes. No body is secured at all. So how could a car be? Therefore insurance is of pivotal importance to be gotten as soon as possible. Sometimes driving on crossroads or overtook by another moving vehicle you may meet an accident or your car in parking lot has been scratched even though you have nothing to do with it. But your chief concern is the price fall of your auto or it will reduce the beauty of it. Therefore insurance is most important for ones own benefit.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Tuning a Rc Nitro Engine for Optimal Power - a Guide for Beginners

car tuningWhen I first started racing Gas Powered RC cars, I used to struggle to get the engine into tune, while I was able to get the engine to start on a dime and it used to run fine for almost an entire fuel tank, it always seemed to over-heat near the end of the run. After many hours out on the track I can now finally say that I've got it down, tuning for me is now a 5 minute operation before I take my RC car out, and once it's dialed in I only need to adjust one needle a fraction of a turn to get it back to it's optimal settings.

I assume that your understand the basics of a RC Nitro Engine and how it works, if not please see my other articles which you can find on my website, see the resource box for details.

The Idle Screw
I always start with the idle screw, I adjust it so that the car will idle high when I'm first dialing in the engine. Once I get the engine up to temperature and with a tube that can keep it running without stalling I slowly adjust the idle down to the point where it's about to stall, then I turn it back about 1/4 to 1/2 turn depending on the temperature. If your car stalls often it can be worth while increasing the idle to prevent this, it's only a temporary fix while you sort out the other tuning issue, but it helps keep frustration levels down.

Low Speed Needle.
One of the great debates is which needle to adjust first, if your carburetor only has one needle adjustment screw then it's not a problem, but if like most glow engines you have two you need to decide which to tune first. I always start with the low speed needle, this is because when you adjust the low speed needle you change the high speed needle. Once the low speed needle is dialed in you shouldn't have to adjust it again. Make sure you keep it slightly on the rich side, when you RC Car idles the combustion chamber should start to fill up with fuel, this helps keep it cool. After a while the engine will stall, by measuring this you can tell if it should be richer or leaner. A good time is about 30 - 60 seconds before it stalls. The RC Car should pull off quickly from a standing start and should not bog down or flame out when you apply full throttle.

High Speed Needle.
Once you have your low speed adjustment needle dialed in it's time to start getting the power out of the RC engine. This is done with the high speed needle, which adjusts the air to fuel mixture of the engine while it as high RPM (about 40% and up). Keep an eye on the trail of smoke as this is your first clue about the tune. You want to have a lot of smoke coming out of the engine at all RPM, if at some point there is little or no smoke then you are running too lean.

car insurance tuningHints, Tips and Tricks
* Turn the needle clockwise to lean out and counter-clockwise to richen the mixture.
* A lot of smoke means you tune is rich.
* The sound can tell you about your tune.
* Reading your glow plug after a run will tell you a lot about your tune.
* Make sure to run your engine on the rich side, this will extend it's life.
* A lean engine will always put out more power, but it will shorten the life of your engine.
* Temperature, air pressure and humidity play if big part in the tune, different days will need different settings.