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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cash For Crash

The shocking new threat facing road users this year is the cash – for – crash scam, a dangerous new form of fraud that criminals are conducting to scam money from insurance companies. Unawareness of this trend is meaning that a lot of these criminals are not being brought to justice, as a car insurer asked their customers, and forty one percent had never heard of the scam.

The dangerous practice happens when innocent road users are targeted when criminals drive into the back of them, intending to make false or inflated claims. If people do not notice this, then claims will be inflated, as unless it is picked up during the claim process by the car insurance company, the falsified accidents could go unnoticed.

A Car Insurance company have stated: "Even though police and insurers are making great headway in eliminating the threat of cash-for-crash accidents, there are still thousands more cases that slip under the radar. The reason for this is that motorists either aren't aware of this threat, or aren't able to spot the signs that they have become a victim. If more drivers were made aware of the dangers they are facing, it becomes more likely that they will be able to report anything unusual to their insurance company who could then make investigations and cut down on levels of fraud. What's more, not only does insurance fraud put innocent lives at risk, but it is also responsible for adding about £40 to the average honest policy holder's premium so it's in everyone's interests that we make it harder for crooks."

The good news is that if these criminals are caught, they will find it impossible to procure any Car Insurance, or other financial policies, in the future, as well as having a criminal record. Be alert! If you think something is dodgy about the accident that you have had, then call the police straight away.
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I agree that people will report unusual things. That is the main reason carriers have stated clearly all the situations of which one can get a claim. If people do so then they are the only one who have to pay, in this innocent people got tucked.

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People fall for this scam because they are unaware of their insurance policies. But the neglection to an offer of an insurance, scam or not, will comply people to apply for it. They just have to make sure that it is legit.

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I accede that bodies will address abnormal things. That is the capital acumen carriers accept declared acutely all the situations of which one can get a claim. If bodies do so again they are the alone one who accept to pay, in this innocent bodies got tucked.

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