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Thursday, December 24, 2009

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Some Tips for Perfecting your Parking Skills

insuranceWhether you live in a busy, bustling city or a quiet country dwelling, being able to drive safely and confidently is important, and one of the most common things that drivers of all ages find tricky is parking. Though absolutely essential, the seemingly simple act of parking a car can become cumbersome and time consuming due to several factors, from surface terrain and reduced visibility to even an unfamiliar new car.

To avoid accidents and save time, there are plenty of small tips to bear in mind the next time you go to reverse park into a tight space, or parallel park on a congested street, but here's a few of them to get you started.

Small scrapes and bumps are very common in car parks, where space is usually of a premium. When you find the best spot to park in, first decide whether to reverse in or go nose first, and then remember to go slowly. Though you'll hopefully not cause any serious accidents while parking, it can still be expensive to fix that scratched paint work if you're not careful. Simply reducing your speed immediately gives you a far greater margin for error and allows you time to consider each movement and amend any mistakes as you go.

Next is observation. By being aware of what is around you on all sides, it can reduce the likelihood of accidents and will improve your spatial awareness, so when you come to get out of the car, you won't find that you're parked too close to even open your driver's door! A simple fix to prevent you from denting your bumper (or anyone else’s) is parking sensors. They can be used both front and rear and will help you park more accurately in no time.

In a busy street or packed multi-storey car park, it’s easy for drivers to get competitive over parking spaces. Don’t. Remember that keeping control of the car is essential at all times, so you should try to avoid any actions that could provoke other drivers. Maintain common courtesy while parking that you would use throughout your day to day life, as this will keep you relaxed and focused as you go to park.

Finally, don’t forget the little things that will make the job of parking easier. Before you begin the manoeuvre, make sure you’re aware of what’s around you and, just as importantly, make sure fellow drivers are aware of you. Signal clearly and early, allowing drivers plenty of time to give you room to park, and be considerate of how much space you take up too - always aim for the minimum.

Though there are plenty of car insurance companies out there, follow these simple tips and hopefully your parking will be bump-free in the future.