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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saving on Car Insurance

car insurance car insuranceCar Insurance provides cover for vehicles against financial loss and damage caused in accidents. The degree of protection that you can get from car insurance companies depends upon its category. Different kinds of insurance provide cover for incidents and damage of different nature.

Before obtaining car insurance cover, it is important to look around and choose the cheapest car Insurance. In order to do that, you should search for different car insurance quotes, and then analyse the variations amongst them. By looking at how the quotes vary from each other and how much cover is provided, you will be able to decide which one is the cheapest and most effective for you. The most significant factors that affect a car insurance quote are the model and make of the car, how old the car is, job of the policyholder, gender of driver, residence and experience of the driver.

There are different kinds of cover available for car insurance. The cost of your car insurance also depends upon the kind of cover you get. In the UK, three categories of cover are available. These are Fully Comprehensive, Third Party and Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance.

The Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance cover is the one that provides the most protection against losses and damage, and is owned by more than half of the total car insurance policy holders. It covers for accidental damage to your car and also the other vehicle, damage due to fire, physical injuries to passengers, damage due to break ins, and windscreen damage. It also provides cover for personal belongings that have been damaged. Extra options, such as personal cover for accidents and green card can also be included in the Fully Comprehensive cover. This cover is most suitable for cars that are brand new and have high cost value.

Third Party Car Insurance is the one that is the most cost effective and provides cover only for the damage caused to the property, car, driver and passengers of the third party. It does not cover for the damage to your car or driver. This insurance fulfills the minimum legal requirement, and can be obtained for cars, which are not new and are not worth too much with poor performance.

car auto insurance quoteThe Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance has all the features of the Third Party Insurance, but in addition to those, it also provides cover for your car against damage and losses caused by break ins, stealing and fire. This cover is suitable for cars that are not very new but have good performance.

After you have decided the kind of car insurance cover most suitable for you, based on your car's model, value and your budget, you can choose the cheapest car insurance. It is easier to look for quotes and make comparisons because most of them can be obtained on the internet quickly - and making comparisons doesn't take up too much time. Car insurance may seem complicated and not worth your time, but if you invest in it now you won't be sorry later.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance - How to Get It

With gas prices being the way they have people all over the country have started to get creative with their finances and the costs associated with auto travel.

Prices vary from company to company, so it pays to shop around. Get at least four to five price quotes. You will find that there are several websites out there that can save you the time from doing this the slow and hard way as they will often get you quotes from up to a dozen companies all at once. You can call companies directly or access information on the Internet. Your state insurance department may also provide comparisons of prices charged by major insurers. And no, companies like Progressive that claim they will compare other companies, but they are an insurance company, so they are not to be trusted. They only have one interest, and that is to promote their own business.

Bigger is not always better. There are several low cost automobile insurance companies offering competitive rates in relation to the big names out there. This makes it possible to save a bundle on this expense. Many people seem to ignore this cost and tend to accept the burden of expensive insurance even when monthly payments almost match a car payment. In one case, I lowered my car insurance rates by about 50% when I found a good local company (I had switched from a really big name company).

One of the best ways to get cheap car insurance is simply to use a service that forces insurance agents and brokers to compete against one another. At the end of this article is one example of such a site. As soon as you finish your online quote request, multiple agents will contact you. But it is important to NOT sign up with any one of them immediately-Instead, let them know that you are awaiting calls from other local insurance providers. After 5 or so of these people have contacted you, you should have a good idea of what sort of range you might expect to pay.

Then, if you really want to get the cheapest car insurance possible, simply tell the agents that you are ready to buy within the next 24 hours with whichever company offers you the lowest insurance rates. This really puts the fire under them, and is sure to create the most optimal pricing for you. Of course, be sure to carry through on your promise.

If it makes sense, you may want to consider getting a bundle package. Basically, see what it might cost to insure not only your car, but also your home, property, health and life insurance. This can save a person around 10% - 30% depending on the company you go with; and it does make paying your bills easier as well.

Oh, and one more tip, remember that the more info you provide upfront, the more accurate your quotes will be, and the more likely the insurance companies will be responsive to your inquiry. This is especially true when filling out a quote from multiple companies.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance | Auto Insurance | Car Insurance | Car Insurance Quotes

car insurance quotesTo get your vehicle be insured, these days, considered vital to give extra length to the life of it. Therefore various companies offer insurance for almost all the vehicles. Car insurance is central among all vehicles. Insurance companies require minimum amount of your money to pace up with every day problems and maintenance expenditure your car requires. Suppose you meet an unwanted accident and your car is not insured yet, then you will have to pay the whole expenditure of it. If you had an insurance company involved in you would not have to take a small loan from a bank or a friend for that compensation. In order to put repair and other belonging expenditure to the care of a caretaker company such as insurance company is quite an activity of a healthy mind.

Not only has that but auto insurance reduced burden from the head that someone is seriously concerned to the health of your auto. Nowadays no body knows what will happen after few minutes. No body is secured at all. So how could a car be? Therefore insurance is of pivotal importance to be gotten as soon as possible. Sometimes driving on crossroads or overtook by another moving vehicle you may meet an accident or your car in parking lot has been scratched even though you have nothing to do with it. But your chief concern is the price fall of your auto or it will reduce the beauty of it. Therefore insurance is most important for ones own benefit.

Car insurance quotes are available online these days. You can simply sit behind a desk and by typing a few words internet web will take you to us, Resultantly we will give the best services within short span of time with all the best services available near you to get repaired your car. However, no matter how badly your car has been damaged that expenditure can shoot sky high still we are with you to help you out. We offer various insurance quotes according to the strength of your wallet. The selection belongs to you to make. Besides if the car has been damaged to such an extent that it hampers value of the car still you can have a difference making damage-value with us.

Nowadays, a great many auto insurance companies promise every thing but after the car has met with an accident they just fly off. In conditions like such do not forget our cheap car insurance suggestions. All the quotes are formulated in accordance to suit your taste and affordability. If you are keen to get the car insured then rely on our online services. We promise less confess much and provide all the necessaries an insured car needs.

There can be any problem with the car of yours. Ours is the most reliable source to bear the expenditure of maintenance of your car. Your auto is as important as your own being. So is its health and maintenance. Other insurance companies may do not offer more options for your car. In other case if you are not the one who looks forward to get his car insured you really are at a great mistake that you will realize soon when your car needs repair. We as an important car and auto insurance company stay open 24/7 to serve you and your car at cheap rates.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tuning a Rc Nitro Engine for Optimal Power - a Guide for Beginners

car tuningWhen I first started racing Gas Powered RC cars, I used to struggle to get the engine into tune, while I was able to get the engine to start on a dime and it used to run fine for almost an entire fuel tank, it always seemed to over-heat near the end of the run. After many hours out on the track I can now finally say that I've got it down, tuning for me is now a 5 minute operation before I take my RC car out, and once it's dialed in I only need to adjust one needle a fraction of a turn to get it back to it's optimal settings.

I assume that your understand the basics of a RC Nitro Engine and how it works, if not please see my other articles which you can find on my website, see the resource box for details.

The Idle Screw
I always start with the idle screw, I adjust it so that the car will idle high when I'm first dialing in the engine. Once I get the engine up to temperature and with a tube that can keep it running without stalling I slowly adjust the idle down to the point where it's about to stall, then I turn it back about 1/4 to 1/2 turn depending on the temperature. If your car stalls often it can be worth while increasing the idle to prevent this, it's only a temporary fix while you sort out the other tuning issue, but it helps keep frustration levels down.

Low Speed Needle.
One of the great debates is which needle to adjust first, if your carburetor only has one needle adjustment screw then it's not a problem, but if like most glow engines you have two you need to decide which to tune first. I always start with the low speed needle, this is because when you adjust the low speed needle you change the high speed needle. Once the low speed needle is dialed in you shouldn't have to adjust it again. Make sure you keep it slightly on the rich side, when you RC Car idles the combustion chamber should start to fill up with fuel, this helps keep it cool. After a while the engine will stall, by measuring this you can tell if it should be richer or leaner. A good time is about 30 - 60 seconds before it stalls. The RC Car should pull off quickly from a standing start and should not bog down or flame out when you apply full throttle.

High Speed Needle.
Once you have your low speed adjustment needle dialed in it's time to start getting the power out of the RC engine. This is done with the high speed needle, which adjusts the air to fuel mixture of the engine while it as high RPM (about 40% and up). Keep an eye on the trail of smoke as this is your first clue about the tune. You want to have a lot of smoke coming out of the engine at all RPM, if at some point there is little or no smoke then you are running too lean.

car insurance tuningHints, Tips and Tricks
* Turn the needle clockwise to lean out and counter-clockwise to richen the mixture.
* A lot of smoke means you tune is rich.
* The sound can tell you about your tune.
* Reading your glow plug after a run will tell you a lot about your tune.
* Make sure to run your engine on the rich side, this will extend it's life.
* A lean engine will always put out more power, but it will shorten the life of your engine.
* Temperature, air pressure and humidity play if big part in the tune, different days will need different settings.