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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Top 6 Best Car Tuning Tips

car insurance tuning ford engine
You decided that you car is outdated. Well, don't worry, because that is why they invented car tuning. No, you don't need to go shopping for a new and very expensive car, you just need to embrace the idea of car tuning. Think about it this way: You, your look and style also need, from time to time, certain improvements, and so does your car. Not sure what to do, what to change and how to improve you car? Here are the best 6 tips you can use when deciding for car tuning:

3 General Tips about What to Consider and Why

1. Start from the idea that the improvements will cost you money. For sure, you don't want to modify your car to the worse. So, say "no" to cheap equipment, to cheap car accessories and to unprofessional techniques. Be prepared to opt for the best of the best. But in order to make sure that you won't harm your budget too much, evaluate the costs before you start the car tuning process. Make sure you include the services, equipment, all the accessories and necessary elements.

2. Think ahead. Make sure that the modifications you are about to bring to your car are not irreversible. Or, in case they are irreversible, make sure you will feel happy with them forever. Basically, car tuning is an actual investment, so you would better give it a lot of thought and consideration. Furthermore, decide on the type of the car tuning you are looking for: engine tuning, interior, exterior modification, body tuning or other forms.

3. Consider the purpose of your car. Who is using the car? What is the car used for? It is a family car? Are you using the car to go to work? Sure, you might want to add some bright yellow flames on the car's exterior, but is this a proper look for a family car or for the car you use to go to work with? Make sure you can still use the same way you did and that the modifications do not affect the actual functionality of the vehicle.

3 Specific Tips: Engine Tuning and Aesthetic Tuning

4. One of the simplest and most efficient methods of enhancing the aspect of a car is by adding car wallpaper. It is easy, fast, and, even more importantly, it is quite affordable. There are wide ranges of colors, styles and patterns that can customize your car the way you desire.
spoiler tuning ford auto
5. If you are looking forward to adding more power, then you should not jump to the conclusion that the fitting exhausts and induction kits are the only available solution. In fact, they are a great solution, but you need much more than that, such as new and optimized brakes, plus the suspension tuning. So, in general, make sure you consider all the additional and necessary elements before you take any decision.

6 If your goal is to reach the optimal engine power, then there are some simple and effective tricks you can apply. First of all you need to make sure that there are no air leaks. How can you do that? You can check with the help of some silicon sealants, which should be applied on the carburetor. Secondly, you should keep the engine's temperature around 150 degrees the first three times when you are running tanks of fuel and then keep the temperature of the engine around 200 degrees. Good luck!


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Warranty is also important. I usually tune my car right after the expiration of its warranty or a part really needs replacement.

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Think ahead and do your homework in preparing for the tune. If you have difficulty in your budget, you can choose the most inexpensive that gives the best style or performance that you want for your car.

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