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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tune Up your Car Insurance as Well as your Car

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If you’re a motoring enthusiast, a new piece of kit for your much-loved vehicle is difficult to resist – however, unless you’re careful it could invalidate your car insurance claims.

In January this year, Ford’s RS tuning firm announced it had teamed up with Mountune Performance to offer two new exciting pieces of kit for the Fiesta ST.

The Stage 1 kit (priced at £1,435 plus fitting) includes an engine tweak to produce 162bhp, a new air-induction and exhaust. Stage 2 meanwhile (priced at £1,838 plus fitting) includes the same upgrades but takes the power to 182bhp and includes new camshafts and valve springs.

The only downside is that on top of the price for the kit, these optional extras could bump up the price of your car insurance.

Your chances of gaining cheap car insurance if your car has ‘go-faster stripes’ are greatly reduced because insurers look unfavourably on vehicle modifications seeing them as a hallmark of ‘boy racers’ rather than safe and considerate drivers.

The solution is not to keep your insurer out of the loop, either. If you’ve made a modification to your car and not informed your insurer, then, should an accident occur, your claim could be invalidated.

Insurers demand honesty – your premiums are based on risk factors such as where you live, your driving record and the type of car you drive.

Altering your car alters your insurance. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sit on an inflated quote.

By shopping around for cheap car insurance using a car insurance comparison tool you can make significant savings. So if, after modifications, you’re not happy with what your insurer offers, look for a better deal. Search by manufacturer, such as Ford car insurance, and your savings could be enough to afford a new piece of kit!
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