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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Save Money with a Biodiesel Kit

car insuranceWith the rising gas prices of today many people have begun to look for an alternative way to put fuel in their cars
. A biodiesel kit fits the bill for many people who have started making this oil saving fuel in their own backyards. And why not make your own fuel, the hit to wallets and bank accounts with high gasoline prices makes finding alternative fuel sources imperative these days, particularly with the price of gas and oil in the news on a daily basis. A biodiesel kit is a great way to save a substantial amount of money on your fuel costs
. The basic function of such a kit is to convert vegetable oil into biodiesel, a fuel source that can be used in vehicles that currently run on diesel fuel. It is important to note that not all car companies endorse the use of biodiesel fuel in their vehicles and will void the warranty if an engine is damaged by its use. Be sure to research this before buying a new vehicle with a diesel engine. For older diesel cars and trucks there are engine conversion kits that will make the change to cleaner burning biodiesel much easier. There is a minimal amount of supplies needed to use a biodiesel kit. You will need basic tap water, methanol and access to a good amount of vegetable oil, which can usually be obtained from restaurants and such. You can set the kit up just about anywhere, although most people do put them outside in a shed or under an overhang. You will be making a fuel oil so setting up in the house may not be a real good idea. When it comes to pricing a kit the more features to be found the more expensive the kit. The most expensive models are built to prevent fumes and odors from escaping during the refining process. Having an odorless refining process may be important for those wishing to refine their fuel near their home. If you live on a farm or a large acreage this may not be as important as the kit can be located farther from the house. Of course if you can afford it go ahead and get the more expensive closed system just because they are very easy to use. If for some reason you already have a large amount of cooking oil that you need to dispose of then a biodiesel kit would work perfectly. It does take more time to process used oil but the results are the same, a more environmentally friendly fuel that can be put into a diesel powered vehicle. Considering that the price of gasoline is on an ever rising trend making biodiesel for personal use can be seen as a smart move. Having your own biodiesel kit producing a constant supply of a low cost environmentally friendly fuel right in your own backyard would remove the sting of high pump prices.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Body kits – mix them up!

tuningBody kits are a great way to personalize your car
. You can choose a style and color that reflects your taste. However if you have bought a particularly popular car model then there will be thousands of car owners out there who have personalized their car
. And it is quite possible you cannot find a unique way to personalize your car.

One option available for you is custom body kits. You can be sure you will get a unique shape and unique styling. However custom body kits are expensive and they also take time to be built. If you have the time and money you can go in for a custom design.

However if you don’t have both or either then too you can get yourself truly unique car styling. How do you do that? You may know that people often mix and match dresses to create fresh unique looks for themselves. Well you can do the same with body kits.

You can take the front bumper from one design and a rear bumper from another. You can add car spoilers
from a third design and similarly you can add more body kit components. Ultimately you will have assembled a truly unique set of products to personalize your car. Of course this freedom to do as you wish comes with a responsibility. You will have to make sure the components gel together and look great on your car.

If you have some time you can consider getting some of the components painted. This will not add to the cost much and enable you to have colors of your choice. You can also get some graphics added to match your style.

Besides mixing body kit components you can also consider a few more car styling products to give your car a personal touch. There are many such products. For example you can add car mirrors and window louvers.

Doing up your car can be a source of endless joy. If you take the time and effort to personalize your car you will reap the benefits as long as you own the car and drive around in it with a sense of pride.