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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Modified cars and Car tuning – certainly the latest trends

Modified cars are getting really popular and car tuning can be a DIY job or you can use a specialist in the car tuning industry. The aim is to modify your car so as to improve its performance for better handling and style. Car tuning is a feature to personalize your showroom car to your personal expectations and match your driving style. Modified cars are tuned such that they get more economical and/or produce more than average power increasing RPM and comfort of the ride while providing better handling. Car tuning is certainly one way to improve the performance for car racing or style. Tuning also improves the exterior feature of your modified cars. Tuning the body with aftermarket parts improves aerodynamic features of your car by making use of side skirts, rear and front bumpers, splitters, spoilers, light wheels and air vents.

Modified cars are endowed with enhanced engine tuning so it increases the power of your engine output. This can vary from chip tuning to engine exhaust wrap and nitrous injection. Traditionally only engine timing were adjusted providing better fuel ratio, but presently people add vents, turbo chargers, exhaust systems or a number of other parts that makes your modified cars much more faster in performance for tracks and on road. car tuning improves your intake charge whilst maintaining the fuel to air ratio of your showroom car and reliability of your engine and upgrades your engine increasing forced injection using nitrous along with engine compression. People add car parts to increase its horse power output providing better torque along with a number of other physical modifications.

Suspension tuning for modified cars improves its shock absorbers and springs making is better shock absorbent reducing the car body roll such that you can drive your bets vehicle under any circumstances or tracks. In most overload vehicles car tuning increases clearance by lengthening suspensions. Most people may also try making use of hydraulic and adjustable suspension upgrades for better outcome. People may also create Modified cars by tuning or adding kits and spoilers to the body. This is a feature that improves the aerodynamics of your modified cars. These are the types of car tuning that are generally performed to improve the physical appearance of your modified cars. People might also try modifying the interiors of the showroom cars by upgrading most factory installations. They may upgrade the seats for a more comfortable ride and make it look more stylish.

Some may also try adding a number of other features like lava lamps so your car might in fact get a much classier appearance from outside and inside. There are also a number of people who might in fact add a number of multimedia devices known as ICE (In Car Entertainment), audio amplifiers, woofers, televisions and DVD players. Exterior modified cars might have features like xenon lights, carbon body equipments, Alloy wheel base and HID. This is one feature that makes your modified cars more aerodynamic and stylish. Some of the showroom cars are considered as more expensive mods by adding vinyl stickers and lights. These types are generally also termed as pimped modified cars. Most people like modifying cars and car tuning just because they consider showroom cars as being tasteless. Before modifying your car you certainly have to check with the legal requirements in your state and country.
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